●If you consider re-surgery, where you are good at plastic surgery in the west

●If you consider re-surgery, where you are good at plastic surgery in the west

In the process of doing something, it would be good to proceed simply, but there were many cases where additional measures were introduced depending on individual situations.Considering plastic surgery and internal surgery, it is recommended to proceed when the requirements are met, but even if not, the process of creating conditions is necessary if considered for improvement.People who come to see me from places where I am good at eye surgery in the west are undergoing smooth surgery. If the problem is not met, I am going through this process, and most of them were needed for double eyelid re-surgery.

Eye surgery was performed in more medical institutions than before, and now I thought it could be done again at least once.As a result, I thought it was relatively easy, and I’m sorry that I started considering re-surgery, but I didn’t think there would be any burden other than looking into medical institutions.However, I wanted to say that it is desirable to go to a place with good eye plastic surgery and get counseling because transplants may be necessary if fat is insufficient depending on the eyelids, and these parts are not easy to judge for yourself.

The first pair should have been carried out in various ways depending on the characteristics of the eyelids, but there was a possibility that the method was not applied properly or that the line would be loosened due to habit.Although the eyelid was buried due to a lack of fat, the line could be loosened immediately after receiving both hands because the depth of the fixed point was relatively shallow or the force to open the eyes was stronger.Or if you remove more fat and make a line than when you proceed with the double eyelid by incision, your eyelids will run out of fat later.When this happened, the double eyelid lines were not beautiful and wrinkled two or three times, making the eyes look more sleepy than before.Therefore, in places where Seo-myeon eye surgery is good, eye surgery was performed along with eye fat transplantation.

In addition to the problem of removing fat during the first pair, eyelid fat became insufficient for various reasons.As aging progressed, the eyes disappeared a little, and the skin became thinner and drooped to make the eyes I didn’t like.In addition, persistent dearting may lead to a lack of eyelid fat, and genetic factors may have made the eyelids thinner than others.Then, the eyes that disappeared more naturally could be corrected only by evenly transplanting fat from the upper eyelid to the eyebrow bones.

Eyelid depression can sometimes occur even in bone fractures around the eyes caused by traffic accidents, which had a greater impact on the impression.In addition to giving a dark impression by sinking into the eye line, there were also cases where triangle snow was formed due to deformation of the shape of the eye.The impression that it looked a little sharp also created more room for misunderstanding in social life.Even in this case, I was able to visit a place where I was good at eye plastic surgery and decide the direction of how to improve my impression through consultation with the medical staff.

Through eye fat transplantation, the sunken eyelids were improved, and multiple double lines that needed re-surgery were trimmed more neatly.Also, as my eyes got older, I was able to be reborn as a relatively young eye.The eye-cut fat transplant in our hospital tried to improve not only naturalness but also maintenance by injecting the right amount of fat with Tom thickness.Based on the know-how of performing eye plastic surgery for a longer period of time, plastic surgeons stationed here provided one-on-one consultations directly to provide higher satisfaction.Therefore, I hoped that you would feel free to come and improve the shadow hanging deep under your eyebrows to create a brighter impression.

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