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Can I get a cafe start-up loan?

1. Because I paid the most attention to coffee.The most essential thing to consider about cafes is that you have to pay attention to the nature of cafes. Therefore, we did our best to taste the coffee that we thought was the essence of the cafe. If the coffee beans taste good, it can become a cafe that customers often visit.

3. Because I studied dessert very hard.In addition, selling desserts as drinks in this way will greatly benefit the store’s profits. That’s because the margin rate for drinks is not as high as I thought. We also studied a lot of Palangmanjang and thought about what kind of dessert to sell to customers who come to our restaurant, and finally we made six kinds of coffee and scones to enjoy.In particular, considering the shop owner who hates making scones in the store, the head office supplies them to the store through dough and maturation instead. It goes well with high-quality coffee, so our customers’ response is very good.

cafe start-up loan

It’s not that we didn’t think about this when we were thinking about the Palangmanzan brand business. However, I left this worry behind for a while and challenged myself to compete for a brand cafe, proving the value of the brand. So in today’s article, we’re going to tell you how we settled down.

We had no choice but to succeed in all the ups and downs.

4. Because I was also immersed in interior decorations. In the past, it was just a place to sell coffee, but now it is a place for customers to enjoy. In order to win the hearts of our customers, we have been deeply concerned about interior decoration. After a long period of hard work, you can create the character “Blue Key,” which means small happiness nearby, and display the blue key, which symbolizes happiness, on one side as a small article to make various goods. And we are deepening our relationship with our customers.ロード中… player_likesound_mutesound_mutesound_volume2sound_volume3[x]プレーヤーサイズ:0x0現在の解像度:0PMaxAbr解像度:0PPプロトコル:hls現在の帯域幅:平均帯域幅:バッファの状態:フレームドロップレート:0/0「ビデオ統計バージョン4.29.4(HLS)ビルド日(2022/8/31)」ネイバー株式会社 동영상 인코딩 중입니다.
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도움말 플레이어 URL 복사 레이어 닫기접기/펴기카페창업대출#카페창업대출If you don’t have unique characteristics like dessert franchises, you won’t be able to easily succeed in the competition of private cafes, which are more numerous than convenience stores. If you walk around, you’ll see dozens of franchise cafes in a few steps. That’s how the cafe became a very fierce market. Prices continued to rise and the cost of coffee increased, making it much more difficult. The coffee market is also expected to become increasingly competitive as more and more manufacturers offer coffee at low prices.Established a cafe of a lot of people want with the objective of an element of high importance, not nothing, when a store opening position, I think everyone. That is the cafe is located would be close to competitors because they think it’s very successful in, or at least there is no more. We are also passionately this way, selected through a feasibility study place, and Gandō (i) above stores. the vicinity of the first store right are, of course, a regular customer franchise cafes she is positioned. heparan various northern also think about, but hadn’t previously able to succeed here to police us some place else also considered not to be positioned at every turn. Gandō 1 on the northern outlet, thus opening the heparan Man while continuously higher than I don’t believe this revenue is increased success. After that the other 2 stores is very successful than other places.Why did the ups and downs have to be so successful?Through this, we, Palangmanjang, have found the best coffee beans in Ethiopia and other countries that produce coffee beans worldwide, and have built our own coffee bean infrastructure by strongly verifying them. By successfully signing an exclusive contract with a participant in the COE competition, an auction of raw beans involving the world’s coffee bean producers, we have created a coffee bean infrastructure that provides excellent coffee beans very stably and without problems.If you’re a prospective founder interested in opening a private cafe, I think you’ve pressed this post. A lot of information is everywhere on the Internet. However, they don’t have the right information, so they seem to be trying to find the right information about the franchise coffee shop opening. Therefore, establishing a private coffee shop has become a very difficult process.2. Because I didn’t neglect my education. The taste of coffee may depend on the quality of coffee beans, but the unexpectedly important factor affecting the taste of coffee is the ability of coffee bean users to process coffee beans. Therefore, above all, we are working to provide Member stores with specialized training to make coffee. Furthermore, Blacktop Barista Academy has been designated as an official certification educational institution of the Korea Coffee Association, and is being directly trained by instructors who have mastered good skills. This cram school allows you to receive education through a professional education system.So far, I’ve told you about “Parangmanjang”. How was it?Don’t forget the fact that we’ve made our first store successful, and we’ve made a continuous success of our diverse stores. If you choose us, the prospective founders will also be on the path of success. If you would like to work hard with us on the road to success, please do not hesitate to contact our head office 24 hours a day. I’ll go out with you.