Let’s check the order to pay for the goods and proceed with collecting claims!

fundamental way of receiving money for goodsWhen we do business with many clients, we have no choice but to deal with various traders. Not only do you promise to deliver the same item and make a payment on different payment dates, but you may deposit a day or two in advance when the payment date arrives, or you may not be able to make a payment without contacting them first even though the promised date has passed.If you deposit money first, you will be able to trust the other party from the creditor’s point of view and feel relieved, but if not, various worries and anxieties may arise. In this case, it is usually considered a company where transactions occur continuously, and it may be burdensome to proceed with lawsuits. The problem is that once a money problem occurs, it will be difficult to recover the accounts receivable over time, and the amount of damage may increase as transactions continue. Therefore, we will take a look at the correct procedure that can occur in various situations: how to collect bonds for goods. Do we have to proceed with the lawsuit?If the amount is not recovered even though it should be returned, it should be judged through the court based on various types of applications. I think there are various documents that can be received through the court, such as execution sentences, rulings, decision records, and implementation recommendations.If the payment has already been made and the lawsuit continues, it is no exaggeration to say that the debtor has already decided not to repay it, so even after the ruling is made, there is little possibility of repaying it on its own. Fortunately, the ruling received through the court can serve as an executive officer, so if creditors want, they can start compulsory execution such as seizure.Regardless of the will of debtors in various forms, such as individuals as well as private companies and corporations, the seizure process that forcibly brings the other person’s property can be considered a last resort. Application for Order of Payment of Goods Prior to Extinctive PrescriptionIt is a situation that creditors should naturally receive, but in order to exercise their legitimate rights, they should check first whether the statute of limitations has expired. This is because most cases have an extinctive statute of limitations, which is a period when rights cannot be claimed any more, so if the period has passed, it can no longer be claimed even though it is my property.In particular, please note that unlike civil bonds generated by money transactions between individuals, there is a short statute of limitations of about 3 to 5 years depending on the situation, so you may no longer be able to claim them over time.Even if the statute of limitations has not expired, it is recommended to find a solution quickly in that if a corporation no longer operates and proceeds with bankruptcy procedures or declares closure, the subject of collecting bonds will disappear.If there is not much statute of limitations left, it is recommended to suspend or extend the statute of limitations. After a bond occurs, the statute of limitations may be suspended just by sending proof of contents to the debtor. Proof of contents does not have legal effect at the time of litigation, but since there is no particular form, it is relatively easy to start by simply writing detailed and concise contents according to the principle of land transportation and sending them through a post office. Can I proceed with the collection before the order to pay for the goods?Many people are wondering if they can proceed with the collection without going through legal procedures such as lawsuits. In the case of civil bonds, if you have prepared a loan certificate or a memorandum of promise fulfillment through a notary office in advance and received notarization, it is possible to secure executive officers even if you do not sue.Commercial bonds can also check the other party’s property status first and proceed with the collection process before applying for an order to pay for goods if they write a contract or generate a tax statement at the time of transaction. You can check not only credit information held by the other company or individual but also the main bank account, property details such as securities accounts, real estate and automobiles, as well as future earnings and debts can be resolved relatively peacefully.At this time, I think the collection rate may change depending on which credit collection company you use. It is operated nationwide, and if you look for a place to check information based on a wide database and guide efficient methods, you can check the current status of credit and property within a week, so you can use it with less concern from simple urging to compulsory execution.Previous Image Next ImagePrevious Image Next ImagePrevious Image Next ImagePrevious Image Next Image